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Passing Your CBT

Passing Your CBT

If you have never driven a scooter before then it probably looks easier than it is.  There are plenty of people who opt to drive a scooter rather than a car.  They are cheap to run with some of them getting nearly 100 miles per gallon.  You can navigate city traffic easily and parking is rarely a problem since you can fit them in almost anywhere.  That being said before you hit the road in your brand new scooter you are going to have to pass your CBT test.  The CBT or Compulsory Basic Training isn’t that difficult.  Here is an idea of what you are going to need and what you should expect.

Here are some things you should be prepared for:

  1. Eye Test: You’re going to need to get your eyes tested, this is a basic test where you read letters off a sign on the wall.
  2. Safety: You will be expected to not only drive your scooter safely but to have all of the safety gear including helmet and clothing.  You will also be expected to sit through a safety class that will last somewhere between an hour or two.
  3. Basic Maneuvers: You will need to know basic scooter maneuvers including backing up safely, turning and everything else to be able to navigate the streets.
  4. Road Test: You will have to take a road test that demonstrates that you know how to drive your scooter, that you can operate your scooter safely.  The road test will take a couple of hours and make sure that you know the rules of the road.
  5. Certification: Once you pass all of the tests then you can get your certification.  You will have 2 years before you have to do your certification once again.
  6. Failing Your Test: Failing your test can happen and you shouldn’t be discouraged, more often than not it is the road test where people fail.  If that happens then you may want to take some lessons to hone your skills and boost your confidence.

Once you have passed all of the requirements then you are ready to hit the road.  If you don’t already have a scooter then it might be time to go shopping for one.  You can buy a brand new scooter with all the bells and whistles or you can grab yourself a used scooter for just a couple of hundred pounds.  Then you’re ready to start exploring.